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Dr. Maria Luong on How Vaping Can Impact Your Oral Health

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In recent years, vaping has grown more and more popular--especially among young people. Though studies are ongoing, we already know that vaping can have a significant impact on your health.Dr. Maria Luong of Serenity Dentistry Spa discusses some of the ways vaping can impact your oral health:

Buildup of Excess Bacteria

As you slowly inhale and puff the smoke out, your gums and teeth are exposed to a high number of bacteria-causing chemicals. Don't let the transparent, clear nature of the aerosol liquid fool you into thinking that it will not harm your teeth. Vaping increases the buildup of harmful bacteria in your mouth, especially between the gaps of your teeth that may be hard to clean.

Gum inflammation

Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth; take care of your gums, and the rest of your mouth will benefit. Unfortunately, the aerosol has been known to attack the tissue and bones that are attached to your teeth and jaw. This causes gum inflammation and irritation in mild cases, but there has been corrosion reported in some severe cases. No matter how disciplined you are about oral hygiene, vaping can and does damage the gums and could eventually lead to periodontal diseases.

Cell Death

When the smoke released through vaping was tested on live tissue from the gums, the resultsclearly showed DNA damage. The damage inhibits the natural ability of the cells to grow and divide; therefore, the remaining tissues are unable to replicate, age faster and inevitably die. Since the gums are the lifeline of your teeth, any adverse impact on your gum cells will affect your overall oral hygiene. It can start with deteriorating bones, loss of vital minerals such as calcium, and eventually weak teeth and cavities.

In Closing

After readingDr. Luong's warnings and advice, you can better decide if vaping is the right choice for you. If you still need more information, you can always speak to your dentist.

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